Edwin Sánchez


"With equal parts humor and heart Sánchez writes with brassy flair and sharp Noel Coward wit"
    Charles Rice-González, author of Chulito

The debut novel of playwright Edwin Sánchez, is a funny, heart breaking, sexy and ultimately liberating roller coaster ride through a year in the life of a dumpee.  What happens when your life is set just so and the trap door suddenly flies open and down, down, down you go.  How do you begin again?

Javi Rivera, a former chorus boy, has had everything handed to him from the moment he partnered with the uber rich Jason Wilcox.  But once he’s dumped for a newer version of himself,  Javi has to grow up and become the man he was always meant to be.  All while living in his parents’ basement, reconnecting with the unique cadre of characters from his past and worse, still loving the man who gave (and took) it all from him.

Unapologetic, sharp, exuberant and eminently readable, Sánchez’ debut novel is for anyone who’s ever had to hit restart on their lives.  

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Additional Advance Praise:

"Filled with humor, compassion, love and a cleareyed yet baroque take on what it means to be human during hard times and in the midst of precarious circumstances."
—Caridad Svich, playwright, 2012 OBIE for Lifetime Achievement

"Known and admired for the pointed grace and humor of his stage plays, Edwin Sánchez’s first novel proves he knows just when to dish, when to ruminate, and when to rumble. An eminently readable and bravely queer story of lust, loss, and big hearts. Snap!"
—Jorge B. Merced, Director, Pregones/Puerto Rican Traveling Theater

"This beautiful story unfolds with equal parts humor and heart. Sánchez writes with brassy Latino flair and sharp Noel Coward wit, and by the end you will be clutching
this book and its characters close to your heart."
 —Charles Rice-González, author of Chulito